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Great things take time- and our life stories as they unfold, are beautiful.   Celebrating our relationships (whether through marriage or anniversary ceremony, or a personal commitment) is an ever-flowing and constantly evolving dedication. 
Daily renewal of love and commitment can and should be as celebrated as the special occasions that we plan ahead for.

I believe that despite all of our differences, love is what we share.  It is our universal truth- the thing we’re doing right! 

It is with great joy that I create every marriage ring by design and by hand, for your hands.  These rings are a means of commemorating love for wedding days, and everydays- bearing witness to the extraordinary and the vernacular.


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About Our Leather
Terri-Lynn Warren Photography - Halifax Branding Photographer - Locusart


In my studio, I am dedicated specifically to working with gold and silver.  Though I do often have recommendations for specific alloys based on design and a variety of other technical considerations.  It is helpful when inquiring to include your personal preferences. 

All of my cast original designs are created using conflict-free and recycled gold.

Currently available gold alloys include:
Yellow Gold:  10k; 14k; 18k
Rose Gold:  10k; 14k; 18k
White Gold:  10k; 14k; 18k
Sterling Silver:  925


 Diamonds and precious gemstones are used for solitaire designs, though I rarely stock extras- preferring to purchase through trusted industry suppliers based on client preferences.  Gemstone considerations inspire an in-depth conversation that is best had via a personal consultation since these options are
nearly limitless!

Lifestyle jewellery is created using natural pearls and gemstones, and most often includes sterling silver elements or findings.  Solid gold or 14k gold-filled findings are also used in these designs, and are marked in product descriptions for clarity.  



Thank you for considering Locusart Jewellery for your wedding ring(s)!  It is a great joy for me to create every one of my pieces to order.  I understand that investing in handmade wedding rings is an important decision- one that will serve throughout a lifetime of joy and trials- that will bear witness to your incredible story.  Quality of experience and of finished product are equally important facets of my process, and I would be happy to work with you.

Naturally, there are a number of variables that affect pricing, not the least of which are gold rates that change daily.  Though the formula I use is both reliable and consistent, prices may always be subject to change.    

Consultations/Meetings with local clients are complimentary, though serious inquiries are appreciated as scheduling requires a certain amount of finesse.  These are ideal opportunities to meet in person, I love getting to know each and every one of my clients & would adore hearing your story.  This is the very best way to discuss design preferences, acquire accurate sizing/measurements and to discuss timeline.

Please reach out via the inquiry page for quotes related to your specific preferences, and/or browse some of the finished pieces in the Engagement + Wedding shop.

Following a personal consultation and design confirmation, most pieces are produced within a 6 - 8 week timeframe.  There are of course exceptions to this, though most clients do get in touch for consultation anywhere from 3 months prior to their wedding date to 1 year prior or more.  As a general rule (especially given our ever-evolving global situation)- sooner is better.  All of your information + preferences are kept in my meeting notes.

Terri-Lynn Warren Photography - Halifax Branding Photographer - Locusart
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