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Welcome!  I’m Emily, jeweller & old soul.

It is my great privilege to be in service of love- in all the roles I occupy on this beautiful planet, both personal and professional.  Engagement, Wedding, and Lifestyle collections are all extensions of this philosophy, and it is my hope that these tangible objects travel into the world and act as manifestations of love... radiating what is good and whole and peaceful.

I've invested many years refining my skills as a designer and goldsmith, graduating from NSCAD University with a degree in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing (2005).  It is an honour to create jewellery that will be well-loved and well-worn- heirloom pieces that will bear witness to your amazing story!  Every piece of Locusart jewellery is mindfully designed and carefully handcrafted in my rural studio in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I am most often inspired by organic shapes and textures and have spent my career working with objects found in nature.  As a result, my process very often involves working with and casting organic materials.  I maintain creative agency and authenticity through the design process by creating original models and molds.  This attention to detail and artistic integrity are cornerstones of my work, and quite literally shape each piece that I make.



Working with couples who are celebrating their love is an absolute joy. 

Sitting down together and hearing your story is what I love most about this work.  I look forward to meeting you and learning about your plans!

For local clients, I am happy to sit down together in person at my office space in Windsor, NS.  Carefully following relevant and up to date Covid-19 measures.  Phone meetings and zoom meetings are also available, though meeting in person is always preferable where possible.  Not only does this allow us to get to know one another, but it allows you to see designs in person, try them on, and ask questions!  It's also the very best way for me to accurately size your fingers and address all of your questions and concerns.

Please reach out via the inquiries page to schedule a meeting.

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