Gemstone Beads of choice
Plated Hematite Accent Beads (choose from silver-plated, yellow gold-plated or rose gold-plated)
Tassel Chain + Findings (choose from sterling silver, yellow gold-filled or rose gold-filled)

Each Tassel Pendnat is created using the chain and findings of choice (see menu) and accented with your choice of quality gemstone bead(s) in studio. These beauties are all hung on an 18" chain, with a Tassel that measures 3.5" in total length.

Please add any gemstone and/or colour choices in your order notes, OR get in touch to discuss exactly what you're looking for!  

Currently available:
Rhodocronite (multiple pink earth tones)
Peach Moonstone (in a magical, sparkling array of peach/rose/white tones)
Rose Opal (soft pink tones)
Rose Quartz (subtle translucent pink tones)
Morganite (subtle and neutral peach/rose tones)
Beryl (a rich variety of pale pastel colours from greens, blues, peach, yellow and pink)
Chrysoprase (incredible vintage jadite green tones)
Aquamarine (winter blue tones)

Aquamarine + Tourmaline (warmer baby-blue tones with hints of aqua and flecks of black tourmaline)
AAA Apatite (rich and natrual mediteranian sea tones)
Amethyst (clear, royal violet tones)
Grey Scenery Jasper (beautiful greyscale tones with incredible swirls and banding)

Tassel Pendant