AA Peridot
Beryl (Sea Green)
14k Yellow Gold-Plated Hematite 
14k Yellow Gold-Filled Chain + Findings
Green Beryl Guru Bead

"The humblest tasks get beautified when loving hands do them."
-Louisa May Alcott

Meditation Garlands, are hand-knotted with 108 selected beads- paired together with intention and thoughtfulness.  Each mala is finished with a handmade tassel pendant that includes a gemstone guru-bead as well as gold-plated hematite and gold-filled accent beads.  

Whether you choose to use your garland to deepen your Japa Meditation practice, or simply to compliment your wardrobe, these are incredibly grounding pieces of heirloom quality.  

This listing is for the Garland featured in the first photo, subsequent images reference style, size and quality for context.

Ready to ship.

Special requests and inquiries are always welcome.  Please reach out via the inquiry page to share your vision!  The studio is well-stocked in a variety of quality gemstone beads in all colours and it is a joy to create custom garlands with your intentions in mind. 


Sandalwood Meditation Garland

  • -  Each mala is hand-knotted on nylon "silk" in order to prevent stretching over time.
    -  All Sandalwood and Gemstone beads are sourced from Canadian Suppliers.
    -  Only high-quality gemstone beads are chosen for these pieces.  
    -  Packaging is almost entirely paper, though a plastic bag and tarnish-free tab is included for keeping your Meditation Garland in great condition when not being worn.
    -  Due to recent limitations with global supply-chain (and variation in gemstones), each Meditation Garland is considered one-of-a-kind, though custom variations may often look similar to those photographed, and requests for similar pieces are absolutley fine.