Sterling Silver Pendant
Sterling Silver Chain 

The most iconic shell in the Sea Collection was actually the first one created in 2004 and is still a very best seller.  The Mussel Shell pendant measures 3.8cm in length and 2.5cm in width.  A powerful talisman from the sea, this beauty looks and feels wonderful suspended from a longer chain.

Every unique shell in this collection has been found on a beach in Nova Scotia (unless otherwise noted), and saved because of its beautiful shape and unique surface texture.  The process of molding each stone allows every mark to be preserved exactly as Mother Nature has created it... tangible reminders for those of us needing grounding and centering.

These lovely pieces are not plated or "dipped" in any way, but rather are cast in solid sterling silver through the lost wax casting process- a method that is especially close to my heart and has allowed the exploration of numerous organic materials over the years.

Please do select your prefered chain length from the menu available when checking out.  Though I highly recommend longer styles for this particular pendant.

Mussel Shell Pendant