10k White Gold
5mm Width
Made to Order

Earthen Bands are celebrations of the places that ground us. They are tangible reminders of the shorelines that feel like home- and that make us whole. Organic heirlooms that will most certainly be passed on to loved ones for generations to come- forgiving of everyday wear, they will continue to look fantastic over the years, no matter your lifestyle!

All Earthen rings are created through a custom process where I prepare sand from your favourite shoreline and impress wax models to create bands.  This process takes approximately 6 - 8 weeks to complete from the time I receive sand in the studio to the time your finished rings are ready!




  • 10k and 14k alloys are incredibly durable options for this design.  They both boast similar qualities in terms of strength and requires minimal maintenance.  
  • I work with a Canadian casting facility who exclusively use nickel in their white gold alloys.  Nickel white gold has a naturally rich, deep grey tone that is especially visible in textured designs.  It is a tone that I truly enjoy working with, and is appreciated by clients!  Though it is important to note that some people do have sensitivity to nickel- this is an essential consideration when choosing your preferred alloy. 
  • In industrially produced jewellery, white gold alloys are commonly Rhodium plated to brighten the natural grey tone, making it closely resemble the look of silver.  None of my white gold pieces are rhodium plated, meaning they will always boast a beautiful raw hue, and will not require any plating/dipping or extra maintenance over time.
  • I've added extra notes on nickel white gold alloys here.  Though this often opens up a much larger discussion.  Please inquire here with specific questions regarding alloys and preferences, I'm happy to help! 
  • 5 mm Earthen Bands are available from size 4 - 14, though prices do vary based on ring size- and are subject to change at any time due to daily fluctuation in gold rates.  If you know your ring size, please select it from the dropdown menu to view the current price in 10k gold. 
  • 14k gold quotes are always available upon request- and is a popular choice in this style.  14k white gold is comparable in tone and durability to the 10k option, though does have a higher gold content.
  • Earthen bands are also available in a narrow 2.5mm width (detailed in a separate listing).
  • If your ring size is unknown... not a problem!  Accurate sizing is available through the consultation process.

    Process & Timeline

    For made to order bands/rings, my process typically involves meeting with clients for an in-person consultation at my office space in Windsor, NS.  Once you've had the opportunity to try pieces on in person and feel comfortable in your choice(s), I will confirm our meeting notes with you and send along an invoice for your selected rings.  Following transaction approval, rings are created and finished within 6 - 8 weeks.  

    Have other questions?  Inquire here.

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