Freshwater Pearl
Gemstone Beads of choice

Variations of this bracelet design are one of our very best sellers.  The possibilities are nearly endless! Freshwater pearls, creatively combined with colourful high-quality gemstone beads are such a fun addition to your bridal style and/or a semi-casual wardrobe.

Each bracelet is carefully hand-knotted using synthetic silk to prevent stretching as well as preventing wear against the pearl nacre or fraying of the necklace strand.  This additional step adds heirloom quality to a light-hearted combination of materials.  Every strand is also finished with a sterling silver pearl safety clasp for additional security!

Please select your bracelet size  from the menu at checkout, and add your colour/gemstone preferences to the notes. Since bead inventory changes often, I will contact you with further info to discuss your preferences before creating your custom order.  Because these pieces are often bridal requests, please do feel free to contact me here to provide inspiration or images for your event and ask questions about specific gemstone availability.  I'm happy to help, and I love working with your details to create the perfect piece!

If you would prefer, you may also indicate one of the following for a themed bracelet without needing to choose specific gemstones. This is an especially lovely option for gifting when you know a friend's preferences but don't want/need to manage every detail yourself. When working with gemstones, I carefully arrange the order in the most complimentary way, so you can rest assured your finished jewellery will be perfect!

A) Pastel Rose Ombre
B) Pastel Sky Blue Ombre
C) Pastel Marine Blue Ombre
D) Neutral Greys
E) Neutral Whites
F) Neutral Autumn Tones (Bronze, Copper, Browns, Ochre)
G) Saturated Rose Tones
H) Lapis Lazuli
I) Deep Forest Green Tones
J) Pastel Green Tones
K) Amethyst
L) Chakra Tones (Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Violet; White)
M) Saturated Marine Blue Tones
N) Saturated Autumn Tones
O) Labradorite
P) Pastel Lepidolite (Opaque Neutral Violet Tones)
Q) Saturated Lepidolite (Opaque Dark Purple Tones)

CUSTOM Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet