8mm Near-Round Freshwater Pearls
White with Irridescent Overtones
Peach with Golden Overtones
Lavendar with Rose Overtones
17" Length

Timeless elegance meets gorgeous natural colour!  When these pearls came my way as a mixed strand, I absolutely couldn't resist the opportunity to create an ombre necklace.  The natural variation in tones makes this strand perfect for wearing with nearly everything!    

This full pearl necklace speaks volumes through subtle, understated design.  This strand is guaranteed to invite compliments from everyone who sees it... though more importantly, you'll feel incredible every time you put it on!  The near-round 8mm pearls strike a perfect balance between more petite and larger statement pearls.

This piece is finished with a strong and secure (sterling silver) magnetic clasp, that is easy to put on and so comfortable to wear.


Every pearl necklace is carefully knotted by hand on synthetic silk to prevent stretching over time, and comes simply packaged with a care card.

When measuring yourself for pearls, do be sure to consider the size of the pearls you are choosing.  For example, larger pearls (10mm - 12mm) on a 16" necklace may fit slightly shorter than a 16" necklace created using smaller (6mm - 8mm) pearls. 

If possible, I also recommend measuring a similar necklace with formal wear to become more confident of style before purchasing.  This is especially important if you feel uncertain of length, but ultimately is a very easy step to esure you are confident of the style and fit.

Have more questions?  Consultation for custom pearl orders is absolutely possible!  Please reach out here to schedule a meeting in person.

Classic Full-Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace