14k Yellow Gold Ring
14k Yellow Gold Setting
0.5ct (5mm) Almandine Garnet 
Size 5.25

Aine (pronounced ON-ya) is named after the Irish Goddess of summer, love, protection, fertility, wealth and sovereignty.

This designer setting is nestled comfortably and securely onto a 1.5mm round ring shank- a feature that allows most wedding band styles to be worn comfortably below the engagement ring setting without requiring a special fit.  If removed, a full wedding band beneath (whether narrow or wide) remains full and in tact without removed portions required to acommodate the engagement ring.  

Aine references the sun, with a refined version of old-world aesthetic.  This ring is currently ready to ship at the listed price, and not available for re-sizing.

Custom variations of this design are available in 14k yellow gold; 14k rose gold and 14k white gold.   Quotes for the ring and setting may be provided upon request.  Faceted gemstones are sourced individually based on your preferences and supplier availability- and are priced separately.  


Aine Garnet Engagement Ring