Thank you for considering Locusart Jewellery for your wedding ring(s)!  It is a great joy for me to create every one of my pieces to order.  I understand that investing in handmade wedding rings is an important decision- one that will serve throughout a lifetime of joy and trials- that will bare witness to your incredible story.  Quality of experience and of finished product are equally important facets of my process, and I would be happy to work with you!

Naturally, there are a number of variables that affect pricing, not the least of which are gold rates that change daily.  Though the formula I use is both reliable and consistent, prices may always be subject to change.    

Often relationships with clients will begin with a quote request.  Sometimes, this is accompanied by examples of preferred designs and/or questions regarding custom variations or changes in alloy.  When I respond to quote requests, I will most often provide a range of prices for a particular design in all of it's available alloys.  This is helpful in order to illustrate comparisons and sometimes will shed light on what options might best suit your needs.  Any specific questions or concerns may be addressed at this stage, or in person.  

Consultations/Meetings with local clients are complimentary, though serious inquiries are appreciated as scheduling requires a certain amount of finesse.  These are ideal opportunities to meet in person, I love getting to know each and every one of my clients & would adore hearing your story.  Not to mention it is the very best way to discuss design preferences, acquire accurate sizing/measurements and to discuss timeline.

To illustrate what to expect in regards to prices- many of my branch and leaf  ring designs are currently $340 - $370 (10k).  Wider band styles in 5mm and 6mm widths are currently $885 (10k).  This may be helpful in outlining budget expectations- though I strongly recommend requesting an accurate and current quote for preferred designs since prices do fluctuate.  
Provincial sales tax is charged on all orders within Canada.  My studio space is strictly devoted to silver and gold (yellow, white, rose, green) alloys.  925 sterling silver; 999 fine silver; 10k gold; 14k gold; 18k gold alloys are all standard.  Specialty alloys such as 22k gold are also available.  All orders must be paid in full before work will commence. 


Ideal booking dialogue includes a preliminary e-mail/phone conversation as well as a consultation (for local clients).  This part of the process is ideally 4 to 6 months prior to the wedding day.  

Though I do strive to meet closer order requests when possible,  I can not stress enough that most of my pieces are made to order and I can not guarantee designs will be available with last-minute notice.  If your plans encompass a broader timeline (6 months to a year or more in advance), I would welcome an early conversation prior to needing a consultation.  This helps to ensure a good fit between designer & client with plenty of time for conversations and design meetings.  Once a transaction is complete, pieces typically take between 4 - 6 weeks for completion. 

Local orders may be securely shipped with a signature due upon arrival or delivered in person.  American
orders are always very welcome and shipping is always secured and insured.  International orders (while very welcome) require more consideration for secure shipping and should be discussed directly.  If you are interested in placing an international order, please feel free to send along any questions you may have.