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Hello!  I’m Emily- jeweler & old soul.
Every piece of Locusart organic heirloom jewellery is designed and handcrafted, in my rural studio in lovely Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Great things take time- and our life stories, as they unfold, are beautiful.   I believe that despite all of our differences, love is what we all share.  It is our universal truth- the thing we’re doing right.  It is with great joy that I create every marriage ring by design and by hand.  These rings are a means of celebrating love for wedding days, and every day.  They are reminders of what we’re doing right. 


I've worked hard to hone my skills as a designer and goldsmith, graduating from NSCAD University with a degree in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing- and I feel privileged to be able to create work that will be well-loved and well-worn.  Work, that will bear witness to your amazing story!

I am most often inspired by organic shapes and textures and have spent my career working with objects found in nature.  As a result, my process very often involves molding and casting original organics,  I maintain creative control and authenticity over every design by creating all of my own original models and molds.  This long-handed approach, I believe, is what sets Locusart Jewellery apart from so many others.  Attention to detail and artistic integrity are cornerstones of my work, and quite literally shape each piece that I make.

If you are interested in having handmade marriage rings or anniversary celebration rings created, I would love to hear from you.  Please view my galleries for an inspired look into my organic and contemporary designs.  Questions and inquiries may be sent to locusartjewellerydesigns@gmail.com, or you may get in touch via the contact page.


wedding gallery

If you're viewing this gallery, there is a very good chance that congratulations may be in order, so please allow me to say... Congratulations!  

Also, thank you very much for considering Locusart Jewellery.  Choosing heirloom wedding jewellery is a very unique process- and I firmly believe that your choices in marriage ring(s) should be an intimate reflection of each of you- both as individuals and as a couple.  Meeting local clients over coffee to discuss preferences or "meeting" clients abroad via e-mail is an integral part of my business.  Since every piece is carefully designed and personally handmade to order, I consider it a privilege to get to know the sweet people that I'm working with.  

In my studio I work exclusively with silver and gold alloys of all karats & colours.  Rose, White, Yellow and Green gold are incredible choices- and provide a lovely range of options for preferred colour and style.  These alloys also offer incredible durability, so you can rest assured that your organic heirlooms will always look their best.

"For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you."


get in touch

Conversations about love and jewels are always welcome!  

Please contact me at locusartjewellerydesigns@gmail.com with inquiries and requests.   Meetings may be scheduled by appointment only at my office space in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

If requesting quotes for wedding rings, please feel free to reference your favorite designs and preferred alloys.  If you know your ring size(s) this is very helpful in informing an accurate quote.  Thank you!

During this difficult time of uncertainty, I have paused scheduling meetings in person, though I happily encourage
 your emails.  If you have questions regarding design, budget, or newly revised timelines, I am happy to discuss the details of your upcoming wedding with you.

Response times may vary under our current circumstances, but your messages are important to me, and I do strive to respond in a timely manner.

Be well,